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We are a self funded organisation and the information you find here is free.

If you would like to support us to provide these free services please consider donating to our association.  Your donations help us to maintain our website and continue to promote HAVOCA, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

One off donations

Choose the amount you would like to contribute.  ANY amount is appreciated and will help us to maintain our services. Please press the donate button on the left and follow the instructions on the screen. Paypal is our preferred method of payment because its safe and easy to use.  You don’t need a Paypal account to use this method – simply press the donate button and follow the online instructions.[/jcolumns]

Monthly Donations

Donate £1 per month

£1 per month helps us to maintain the forum for one survivor for one year


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£5 per month buys 1000 leaflets, 10 posters, 100 booklets and covers the postage!


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£10 per month helps us to maintain the website for a whole year!


What we need money for:-

  • Maintain this website with its breadth of helpful information and links to many other sites (which are constantly changing)
  • Add new articles and current information, and maintain our new pages
  • Provide links to discussion forums, online peer support groups, and chat forums, serving as a “lifeline” of support to many survivors and their families
  • Provide support via email to survivors/victims and their support networks
  • Assist survivors and their families with helpful contacts and information
  • Aid professionals and victim advocates through fostering an environment where they can confer with one another, and aggressively work to grow this online community
  • Provide resources for professionals, churches, and other institutions
  • Help increase the visibility of other survivor groups to assist them in their efforts to help survivors and/or professionals
  • Educate the general public about child abuse, and be an advocate for social change in addressing these issues
  • Provide information services to the media
  • Legislative child abuse work
  • Coordinate volunteer efforts
  • Monitor relevant news stories and send them out as Media Updates to subscribers
  • Publish our quarterly eNewsletter
  • Organize conferences/retreats
  • Web hosting / Email hosting costs
  • Technical and administrative support
  • Publications, printing, and postage
  • Utilities
  • Supplies

 Why we need your support:-

3 days ago I wanted to kill myself
2 days ago a friend gave me their old computer
1 day ago I found quiet room
today I am invincible/I am lovable
right now I’d like to thank you
tomorrow I’ll be back           – Anon

I have been to many websites dealing with abuse and I have found this one to be the most encouraging. The advice is very well presented and even with a bit of humor now and then. Laughter is the best medicine, and even on the worst day if something can make you laugh a little, it helps. Keep up the good work.         – CSD

I am an adult survivor of long term child abuse. I think it’s wonderful you have a safe place where others can share their experiences, fears, hopes and dreams without recrimination.       –  Dreamer

Having discovered your site today, I have read it from page to page, and have been given hope at last, that at the age of almost 44, all these terrible feelings, self-loathing, shame etc etc are not my fault, but the fault of what happened to me. I have always been ‘blamed’ for being ‘me’, but ‘they’ made me who I am, how I am. 44 years of fear and suffering. I hope I can finally get some help.     – Hel1972

new 2 pc and just read books by David Pelzer and I am in process of reading HELP YOURSELF at the moment. Excellent website long long overdue.     – anon

I believe my husband is a survivor of childhood child abuse. He has never told me, but the symptoms, etc. are textbook case. I would like to confront him, so hopefully someday he can find a path to healing, but am unsure if that’s the right thing to do or how to go about it. I feel it’s really starting to take a physical toll on his health. Headaches, stomach problems, sleep problems, he can’t relax, etc. Yours is the best website and source of information I have found by far. I would like to seek more advice in the future. Thank you, it feels like I finally found someone who understands!      – Concerned_Partner

Thank you so much for this site. This is just what I needed.    – anon

I am extremely impressed with your on-line survey. Looking at the breakdown of responses helped me to put my issues into context, something which had never been done before by any professional. It clearly illustrated why I am having such difficulties finding assistance in dealing with my type specific type of abuse. Brilliant idea. Great work.     – DTG


When you support HAVOCA, you are helping people all over the world at a time when they need help the most.

Without your support, we cannot exist.

How can I support HAVOCA?


We can accept contributions through PayPal from those who wish to use a major credit card. It is easy, secure, and you don’t need a Paypal account.

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We appreciate and thank you for your generosity!


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