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There are three simple steps to joining our Survivor Forums.

During this stage you will be asked to read and agree to our terms and conditions. You will then be asked to generate a unique username and password (please make a note of these). Your username is the name that will be visible on all your posts/replies and it is what people will know you as on the Survivor Forums. After registration you will be sent an email by the administration team.
Email Activation
Before accessing the Survivor Forums and after successful registration you will be sent an activation email from the Administrator. The email confirms that you have provided the correct details and that you are who you say you are. In the email there will be an activation link. Simply click on this link to open the forums.
Log In
After clicking on the activation link you will be taken to the forum login page. Enter the username and password you used during registration and you will be presented with the Introductions Forum. Open the forum by clicking on the title and then make an introductory post to the community. Use the NEWTOPIC button to start your post. After submitting your first post it will be queued automatically and a Moderator will approve it. Once it has been approved you will have full access to the whole board.


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