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Therapy Section

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There are so many different types of counselling and psychotherapy which to the everyday lay person can be extremely confusing. This section aims to lay down a few basics about therapy to help you unpick the psycho-babble and make an informed decision on what is best for you.

As with any profession there are lots of different approaches and methods that a counsellor or therapist can employ. Whichever model of therapy a counsellor has adopted it is the relationship between therapist and client that is crucial and the key to change, growth and successful therapy.

Use the menu on the right to learn more about therapy and how it could help you.

If you are having trouble finding a therapist/counsellor in your area please supply your postcode and town to us at ‘find-a-therapist‘ and we will do our best to provide you with a list of alternatives.

13 Responses to Therapy Section

  1. curtis *jeff*MCMAHAN says:

    hi,my name is jeff,im tired all the time,i have a lot of anzioty,headaches,reliving daily what my uncle,and my moms cousin did to me from the time I was 6 yrs old,until I was 15,and could escape ,I was sodamized ,I had to give oral sex to them,and was told it was the normal thing to do.when I was 15 ,I started reading the bible and saw just how wrong it,filled with shame for what I let happen to me,i just got away from them,and never told im 56 yrs old,.and still have flashbacks,i know im depressed,i feel it in my body,i got married at 21,and its always been a roller coaster.i tried to share it with her,and she just replied by calling me gay.i need help,i attemped soeside once already,but I am so tired of hurting,its got to stop.

    • Kathleen Riggins says:

      I see this was posted over a year ago with no reply. I hope you joined up and posted on some of the forums. Or found someone else to talk with. It wasn’t your fault. None of it. Even if you think you made bad choices on your own at a later time, it was only because you were “programmed” to do so early on. I also hope your wife can understand. You were very brave to bring it up.

      Best of luck to you.

    • Marie says:

      Curtis, I am in my sixties and in the past 4 months started getting flashbacks, they are monsters that overwhelm me. Please know you are not gay but were a boy abused by people that were suppose to love and take care of you, you were and are innocent, they are the criminals.I find talking to God helps me a lot. You pain is natural you were horribly abused by so-called loved ones. Please ask for help from therapist. I have been diagnosed BPD there is a great book out by Blaise Aguirre he is a professional is this condition. it is available is libraries. Love and Blessings,

    • Joel says:

      Hi Jeff, you have the power to change your path, though you may not be able to change circumstance. I too am going through bad flashbacks and bitter hatred. I have thoughts of doing harm to my abusers. I have thoughts of suicide. Small victories count for a huge success: one day at a time. The fact you are reaching out means a tremendous step forward, and it is a repeated step to you feeling better in life. Find a support group if you can but never give up fighting a good fight, be prepared for it to kick your butt, but in the end you can have victory and health.

  2. Joshua Demers says:

    I was in a situation like this from 3 – 5 years old. Frequently forced to give oral sex and sodomized to the point of needing surgery. I had my nose and jaw broken by physical abuse and witnessed a murder. Urinated on and injected with hard drugs until the state came in and put me in a mental hospital. Fortunately I was saved from the hospital by the people who adopted me. I’m 35 now and have seizures, chronic neurosis, and other problems. A neurologist made things worse by misdiagnosis and taking a lot of my money. I know I need help but ‘m afraid of doctors and I’m overwhelmed with guilt for being a burden on my parents and I can’t get along with people. I get suicidal and harm myself if I’m too “low”. I’ve found a few ways of coping and relief but the law is against these. I’m trying to move in the right direction and see a doctor but I just get stuck in a circle of self hate and wasting the precious little money I do get from SSDI when I do want relief. Being unable to work for money is a wall that I can’t climb. When I have money, I have fun and friends but when it’s gone then I’m stuck by myself until that next deposit. A week or so of happy spending then about three weeks of agonizing anxiety and boredom and wanting to get professional help but my money’s gone. This circle changes but rarely improves and often gets worse. Disappointing the people who adopted me is often the reason I haven’t succeeded in suicide, yet… I can’t see a better future without getting lucky and winning a lawsuit or something.

  3. Gillian Wood says:

    Hi name name is Gillian and I was abused at 5 and raped at 17 I seem to be on self destruction mode and don’t know were to turn

  4. Ashlee Holladay says:

    Hello, My name is Ashlee Im now 23 years old. I was abused from the time I was born until the cops showed up at age 5 I was put into foster care and adopted at age 8 my adoptive mom pretty much told me she only adopted me to help my little brother whom she adopted first my dad said he adopted me because he loves me. from age 12-15 I was raped 3 times by friends of friends. at age 18 my mom kicked me out. March 24th 2015 i moved from CA to Utah with my ex boyfriend we broke up because he was mentally and physically abusive. Im now married to my husband and have an 18 month old daughter. I want to be happy and I am here and there but I still get nightmares, I feel unwanted by everyone and Im depressed. I need counseling. What do you recommend?

  5. Carole Eugenie Grant says:

    Hi My name is Carole and Im nearing 50s, the effects from my past keeps creeping up in my mind forming an abusive, neglectful and isolated childhood, though I had many brothers and sisters we are all estranged from each other, only meeting at funerals and hospital visits. We all are managing these hurtful, neglect and rejection from our parents differently, however, the pain ia all the same. Im now at a point were i make my own decisions, nolonger wish to follow the flock, but choose to now do whats best for me and my children. Trust is a big issue, I tend to enjoy my own company now, after two failed relationships which were mentally exhausting and prefer to spend more time alone or with God. I know my behaviour may be affecting my children also, and so I am trying to find away to keep our sanity together, and grow organically.

  6. Mart says:

    My nose was broken sometime by the age of 8. I don’t remember how, only my Father noticed and was angry asking how I did it. I now suspect it may have happened during abuse as I have a lot of unexplained issues that would fit this.
    These abusers have to be stopped.

  7. Nuha says:

    Scared/Hostile when I see a man. Uncomfortable/protective feeling even around my dad/brother/uncles/teacher/classmates/any male.

    please help me. I was abused since I was 4/5 years old multiple times and by close relatives(paternal uncle).

  8. Megan says:

    Hi, my names Megan. I will be 21 in September. I was abused by my first cousin from through primary school until about year 7 so 12/13. He pleaded guilty ect and I told myself I didn’t care but now I’ve left school and come into adult world it’s bothering me more than ever. I also have a daughter who is nearly two. I am still with her father and I have no reason to think things of him but hate him being round her. I am sure he gets ideas of doing things to her and I know it all comes down to what happened to me. As soon as we are around kids I feel disgusting as I’m so sure he is thinking sexual things or disturbing things. The only reason I have to believe this is what I went through. We argue loads about these things and he is disgusted that I could even suggest it but I can’t help it. Getting to the point I don’t know where to turn now. Im just looking online I feel helpless and stuck. Either way none of you guys are alone 🙂 we will get there x

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