Support, Information and Guidance for adult victims of child abuse and their support networks.

Research Findings on the Sexual Abuse of Males

Research Findings on the Sexual Abuse of Males by David 0. McCall, M.Div. A major difficulty in the study of child sexual abuse and adult survivors is accurately assessing occurrence. Incidence — the number of cases occurring in a given time frame (usually years) — is expressed as a number … Continue reading

A Person of Color: Overcoming Barriers to Group Participation

A Person of Color: Overcoming Barriers to Group Participation By M.E. Hart I am an African-American male whose abuse, perpetrated by multiple abusers, began at age four and lasted for 15 years. The camaraderie and understanding of the groups I worked with helped me rebuild my self-esteem and regain control … Continue reading

Addressing a Spouse’s Fears About Parenting

Dear Dr. Gil: I saw in Moving Forward that you answer questions from husbands of survivors. I would like your opinion on the following: My wife was severely abused physically by her mother and father. Consequently, she has many fears about being hurt and she is very shy and stays … Continue reading

A Little Girl

A little Girl © By Cheryl In front of a window, the little girl watched the trees swaying wildly as if they had a life of their own. The wind, an unseen presence, was their tormentor on this cold, rainy night. Dark clouds blanketed the sky and thunder rumbled in … Continue reading

When I’m Feeling Better

When I’m feeling better. When I’m feeling better I wont think of you for a whole fortnight. When I’m feeling better I wont freeze and retch in bed with my partner. When I’m feeling better This low level pervasive sadness will be gone. When I’m feeling better I will pity … Continue reading

Lessons in LIfe

LESSONS OF LIFE . . . I feared being alone until I learned to like myself. I feared failure until I realized that I only fail when I don’t try. I feared success until I realized that I had to try in order to be happy with myself. I feared … Continue reading

Trust and Guidance

From “Journey to the Heart – Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul“ by Melody Beattie Trust That Guidance Will Come Trust and act on the guidance you have now. Some parts of our lives appear like a long, paved highway. We can see exactly where to go; … Continue reading

Preparing for Surgery – A Survivors Guide

Preparing for Surgery: Suggestions for Survivors By Lynne M. Constantine and Suzanne Scott Impending surgery generates a certain amount of anxiety in almost everyone. The thought of being put to sleep and operated on, no matter how routine and safe the procedure, is unpleasant at best. Many people fear waking … Continue reading

Assessing the Cost of Trauma

Assessing the Cost of Trauma By Mary Anne Reilly Looking at the correlation between physical and mental health problems and a history of sexual abuse will require us to reassess how we analyze and diagnose physical and mental illness. This, of course, will take time and cost money. But the … Continue reading