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For help in discovering how you can worry less about being betrayed and empowered to reclaim your life, join me at - I’m a Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach (Certified in 2018) - I’m an Active Member with Bikers Against Child Abuse since 2013 with over a 1000 hours of training and participation - I’ve received Master Level training in Pastoral Counselling - I’m on the Board of Directors for the Social Wisdom Initiative - I have a book coming out in the near future title a Males Guide to Social Wisdom discussing the power of the ego and ways for men to live more compassionately by taming the male ego. - I also have a weekly podcast, HeartMindify, where I share the show with another person discussing todays issues and how to live the best version of you.

Finding Your Authenticity and Inner Truth

Finding Your Authenticity and Inner Truth Breaking Through the Veneer In my last blog post, A New Chapter, I discussed the necessity of discovering your true authentic self, who you are at your deepest core. Childhood sexual abuse can often complicate matters by hiding your true self behind a veneer … Continue reading

A New Chapter

A New Chapter How Brave Are You?   Brené Brown writes, “Owning your story and loving yourself through the process is the bravest thing you will ever do.” But the quote that is often left out is what she says after, “and further, it allows us to write a new ending.” So, … Continue reading