Family Ties

Family Ties

Family Ties People should “choose to be around those who honestly fail [them], not those who dishonestly deny they hurt [them] and have no intent to do better” (Boundaries, Dr. Henry Cloud).  There is a grounding effect that comes from acknowledging basic human fallibility.  It helps us recognize our own … Continue reading

The Truth About Forgiveness – Revised


The Truth About Forgiveness – Revised There is something wrong with sentences that begin with “If you forgave you would…” .  The truth is our understanding of forgiveness is often skewed.  At times, the distortion makes it seem barely possible to extend.  Survivors of abuse are especially prone to struggle … Continue reading

In the Shadow of An Abuser


In the Shadow of An Abuser Victims of child abuse have a plethora of literature that encourages them to move beyond the abuse. They are inspired to channel their pain and overcome the obstacles they were presented with as children. All the resources available for this demographic are useful. However, … Continue reading

Violence At Home

Violence At Home The term domestic violence is usually associated with intimate partner violence.  However, it is really a more general concept that deals with violence occurring within immediate families. The predominate focus on intimate partners as abusers rather than relatives alludes to the stigma associated with speaking up about … Continue reading