Blink of an Eye

Blink of an Eye

blink of an eyeLife changes in the blink of an eye. Everything that happens affects us and becomes a part of who we are. A roller-coaster ride ensues with every turn leading us in a new direction. Dips and curves cause our hearts to race as adrenaline flows through our veins. We face unfolding emotions as we journey into the unknown.

Every moment changes like the story book of our lives. Each page becomes imprinted in our hearts, our stories as unique as we are. Our pages turn into chapters to be read and remembered by those we love. Our words can be nourishing and life giving or painful in the turbulence of emotion in which we share.

Words can be powerful, their message instilled in the minds of those who read them. Words can heal and bring inner peace. They can enrich our life, changing who we are and who we want to become. Strength emerges as the tapestry of our lives open with each new chapter.

Inner strength guides us through our trials and tribulations. It’s up to us to let our strength guide us in the right direction. The sky’s the limit. We have the freedom to fly, spread our wings and soar to new heights.

There are times when we falter and fall into an abyss so deep, it takes our breath away. In our most despairing moments, darkness comes crashing in like a turbulent wave, soaking us in heartfelt pain. Our tears become our ocean and we grasp the oars and hold on tight. We do not know which course to take, but we must stay strong and find our way. Time passes as we wait for the waves to recede to a peaceful tide. Our tears will dry and our hearts will mend as clear land is seen ahead. Pink skies on the horizon; give us the courage to begin again with renewed hope for beautiful tomorrows.

Tomorrows bring a new day to reflect on feelings, a part of who we are. Each emotion has a story to tell. We rejoice when our lives are filled with love and happiness. We endure when sadness comes our way. We overcome anger and forgiveness fills our hearts. We face our fears head on and becoming stronger as we do. We take negative experiences and turn them into positive ones—a positive force changes anything negative in our lives. We feel lighter and smile more.

Happiness brings fulfilment to our lives. It’s amazing how good we feel when we give a simple part of ourselves to others. A smile says so much, and the twinkle in our eyes shines through for everyone to see. We only need to open up our hearts and share the beauty of what’s inside. It’s there in all of us.

Every day is new beginning. We have to trust in ourselves, that we are capable of being who we want to be. The best we can be. Enjoy our families and the people who touch our life, each in their own way. We have the chance to enrich the lives of those we meet. A blessing that is priceless-

We can feel proud of ourselves and know we’ve done our best. We have to stay strong, stay positive and look forward to the upcoming chapters of our lives. Blank pages will come to life, embarking us on another incredible journey of change. Remember our yesterdays and live each moment for today. Reflect on all the tomorrows yet to come….


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4 Responses to Blink of an Eye

  1. AvatarMariana says:

    Can I publicly say that my husband has been accused of molesting my daughter his step daughter?

    • Avatarjasonlwarrencrew says:

      Mariana, you can say it, but the question is…Have you done anything about it? Such as, removing that man from your daughters life, reporting it to the proper authorities, and getting your daughter counseling? Nothing is worse than having to live with ones abuser. I hope that you choose your daughter’s well-being over your husband. It is hard, but children are worth it.
      -Jason L. Warren

  2. AvatarAna says:

    Wonderful, you’re right !Love the post!

  3. Avatarsocalguy says:

    Hello, I’m brand new on here and this is my first post. I’m a forty yr old male that is having vivid flashes of being touched. By a female. I have a long history of drugs and multiple female partners. And I think talking on here with people and seeing how they have dealt with the anger and other things will help me. Thanks

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