Flashback Management

Flashback Management in Treatment of Complex PTSD A significant percentage of adults who suffered ongoing abuse or neglect in childhood suffer from Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. One of the most difficult features of this type of PTSD is extreme susceptibility to painful emotional flashbacks. Emotional flashbacks are sudden and … Continue reading


I’ve been blogging, primarily about sexual assault, for a little over a year. I’m not past the fear of “not doing it right,” but wanted to lighten up and just wing this one, writing my heart onto the page. Instead of researching and taking frantic notes, I’m going to share as a human being (as opposed to a human “doing”). Continue reading

Should you Forgive the Perpetrator of your Sexual Assault?

Whether speaking with survivors of sexual assault or therapists who endeavor to assist in their recovery, the issue of forgiveness raises intense opinions. Some religious entities and abusers have used forgiveness as a tool for ensuring victims’ silence, minimizing the short- and long-term impact of the crime, or releasing perpetrators from responsibility or the punishment they deserve. Continue reading

Professional Development for Abuse Survivors

Many unique challenges face survivors of childhood abuse, and several of them deal with professional development (in the workplace). Trauma leaves a lasting impression and can make it difficult to function in all kinds of environments. Let’s look at some techniques that survivors can employ to help them build successful, rewarding careers despite past trauma. Continue reading


Subjugation While each individual’s story has significant differences, what unites us is even more important. We all share a common behaviour that occurs in many relationships to one degree or another. Through extensive research in the field of psychology, the behaviour known as subjugation has been identified as one of … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Nutrition Therapy For Abuse Survivors

The Benefits Of Nutrition Therapy For Abuse Survivors Trauma, brought about by an abusive experience, does significant damage to the digestive system. It could lead to a condition known as leaky gut. This happens when the cells lining the small intestine separate, causing proteins that don’t belong there to leak … Continue reading

Global Pandemic Has Severe Impact On Survivors Of Abuse

Global Pandemic Has Severe Impact On Survivors Of Abuse The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives in countless ways. It has directly impacted the health of millions of individuals, led to the financial downfall of others, and wreaked havoc with the mental wellbeing of many more. For the approximately 42 million … Continue reading

Protecting Your Child As A Survivor Of Abuse

Protecting Your Child As A Survivor Of Abuse There is a common misconception that children born to parents who are survivors of abuse are more likely to be abused at home. However, a study has shown that adults who were abused as children are no more likely to physically abuse their own … Continue reading

What Happened When I Told the Truth?

What Happened When I Told the Truth? My name is Lee Reinecke, and when I was in graduate school to become a school psychologist, I was advised to have some counseling sessions at the university. If I was to develop empathy for others who needed the assistance of a mental … Continue reading

Silhouette of a Songbird

The Conflict of Loving your Abuser Written by Elizabeth Shane (survivor of CSA) For so long now I wondered what is like not to wear the heavy anchor of shame around my neck as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). I spent much of my adulthood trying to reconcile … Continue reading