What Happened When I Told the Truth?

What Happened When I Told the Truth? My name is Lee Reinecke, and when I was in graduate school to become a school psychologist, I was advised to have some counseling sessions at the university. If I was to develop empathy for others who needed the assistance of a mental … Continue reading

Silhouette of a Songbird

The Conflict of Loving your Abuser Written by Elizabeth Shane (survivor of CSA) For so long now I wondered what is like not to wear the heavy anchor of shame around my neck as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). I spent much of my adulthood trying to reconcile … Continue reading

Survivor Book of the Month – March 21

Survivor Book of the Month This month’s book shifts the focus from the Survivor to the Survivor’s Loved One.  It delivers the answers to some commonly asked questions; “But what about me?” “Is it possible to go one day without dealing with the survivor’s issues?” “Will we ever make love … Continue reading

Therapy Changed My Life

Therapy Changed My Life ‘I swapped addiction for therapy, conscious behavioural choice and self-care’ Walking the Thames towpath, I caught up with a man I assessed, given that I was hypervigilant, to be bigger and stronger than me. When he glanced back, I sensed he was also hypervigilant. I intuited … Continue reading

Survivor Book of the Month – February 21

Survivor Book of the Month A good self-help book can be an excellent way to kick start, continue or bolster a Survivor’s healing journey.  Every month I will bring to you a book that has helped my own recovery. The second book I offer up receives a great many accolades … Continue reading

Redefining Yourself Without Others

Redefining Yourself Without Others It’s estimated that one in four women and one in six men are affected by domestic abuse in their lifetime: experiences of emotional and physical trauma in relationships are unfortunately far more common than we think. When trauma stems from a relationship with another person, the effects often feel … Continue reading

Finding Your Authenticity and Inner Truth

Finding Your Authenticity and Inner Truth Breaking Through the Veneer In my last blog post, A New Chapter, I discussed the necessity of discovering your true authentic self, who you are at your deepest core. Childhood sexual abuse can often complicate matters by hiding your true self behind a veneer … Continue reading

Violence At Home

Violence At Home The term domestic violence is usually associated with intimate partner violence.  However, it is really a more general concept that deals with violence occurring within immediate families. The predominate focus on intimate partners as abusers rather than relatives alludes to the stigma associated with speaking up about … Continue reading

Creating A Home Environment For Peace And Healing

Creating A Home Environment For Peace And Healing After surviving abuse, having a place where you can feel at ease becomes a necessity as you work towards healing and loving yourself. For some people, going on a getaway is a must to help them feel better, while others prefer to stay … Continue reading