Learning to Love Oneself

Survivors of abuse do not learn self-care or self-love. What you learn instead is quite the opposite – abuse to yourself. Emotionally beating yourself up, placing unrealistic demands on yourself, being self destructive with alcohol, drugs, food, work, money, sex and love addiction. or in your choices in relationships, self-harming behaviors or attempted suicide or in feeling suicidal. One thing is clear, an inability to value yourself, nurture yourself or love yourself. Continue reading

Swept Away on the Turbulent Wave of Remembering

Swept Away on the Turbulent Wave of Remembering – Childhood Sexual Abuse   Remembering is a wave of turbulence Spiraling down Believing you will die from its force Or drown in your grief over your loss of innocence Tumbling round and round Repeating over and over I was just a … Continue reading

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Simple Techniques to Lower Social Anxiety Everyone occasionally feels anxious in social situations, but 7.1% of Americans have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. If this describes you or you are worried about you anxiety levels when interacting with other people, then you understand how difficult things can be. … Continue reading

Anxiety In Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

Anxiety In Adult Survivors of Child Abuse: Spotting the Signs and What to Do About Them Survivors of childhood abuse experience a lot of different impediments to their continued state of well-being. Stress and anxiety are the most common long-term effects of childhood abuse, based on a study by the American Counseling … Continue reading

How Art Therapy Can Help Adult Victims Of Child Abuse Heal And Thrive?

How Art Therapy Can Help Adult Victims Of Child Abuse Heal And Thrive? Art therapy, which has been around since the 1940s, has been proven to be an effective tool to process traumatic experiences in a healthy way. One small study found that art therapy can reduce stress levels and negative mental … Continue reading

Digital Abuse

Understanding Digital Abuse And How To Protect Yourself The Center for Innovative Public Health Research and the Data and Society Research Institute carried out a survey that found that 12% of people age 15 and older who have been in a romantic relationship have been the victim of digital abuse by their current … Continue reading

Surviving Childhood Abuse

Surviving Childhood Abuse By December Rose Do you ever lie awake at night staring at the ceiling? Wondering why your life hasn’t turned out the way you dreamed? Why everything you get yourself involved with has to just get complicated? Do you ever just find yourself sad and distant in … Continue reading

Moving Into The Workplace As a Survivor

Moving Into The Workplace As a Survivor And Graduate Survivors of childhood abuse will often find it difficult to secure and maintain employment. According to one study analysed by The Guardian, up to 50% of childhood abuse survivors reported this particular difficulty. As a survivor and graduate, the prospect of employment can … Continue reading

Self Care

Self Care 5 Self-Care Practices To Help You Rise Again After Abuse Up to 50% of all children will fall victim to general child abuse, which includes sexual assault, physical abuse, violence, and neglect according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The effects of such abuse are most … Continue reading

Child Abuse Central In Personality Disorders During Adulthood

Every year more than 1 billion children between the ages of 2 and 17 experiences physical, sexual, and emotional abuse according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). The effects of child abuse are nothing short of traumatic with the affected children often struggling with the aftermath long into adulthood. Long-term … Continue reading