Come take my hand

Come take my handinner child

“Come take my hand
We can play in the sand
I want to run around
Lets go to the playground”

I’m caught a little off guard
I’m trying not to discard
For how long has she been hid?
Do i know this little kid?

She looks at me weird
Am I to be feared?
She can’t understand
Why I don’t take her hand

Holding four leafed clover
She beckons me over
She runs off ahead
Is this all in my head?

I start to follow her
Once nothing will deter
We go to the playground
So she can run around

I watch her on the swing
And I can hear her sing
Singing a hymn or a psalm
She is peaceful and calm

She’s been here before
She is happy outdoor
She smiles at me sickly
And time passes quickly

The light begins to fade
But she is not afraid
After playing in the sand
She reaches for my hand

I better walk her home
I won’t leave her alone
As we take a slow walk
I listen to her talk

She takes me to her home
(I don’t realise I’m home)
She opens the white door
For this is number four

I tell her I will stay
Until the sky turns grey
“Can I show you my new toy?”
Her face lights up with joy

She wants to play a game
Her spirit is hard to tame
I read her a story
Up on the second storey

Medicine is her laugh
She shows me her giraffe
The warmth of her cuddle
Why is my head in a muddle?

She is talking to me
Trying to make me see
My feelings are a mixture
As she shows me a picture

My best, new, little friend
But this really must end
I pull my self together
At the sight of a feather

I think of what to say
On this weird old day
Her face, so full of youth
I must tell her the truth

“I can’t take your hand
Or play in the sand
Today has been pleasant
But I am here in the present”

I see her. I am aware
But she did give me a scare
So innocent and mild
She is my inner child

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About Tanya Evans

I'm a self employed private tutor in Maths (and English) with learners ranging from 4 to 24 currently. I am a mother of three with a serious gym addiction and a massive need to write (since embarking on a healing journey).

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  1. AvatarDaniel Webber says:

    Amazing poem!

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