Creating A Home Environment For Peace And Healing

Creating A Home Environment For Peace And Healing

Creating A Home Environment For Peace And Healing

After surviving abuse, having a place where you can feel at ease becomes a necessity as you work towards healing and loving yourself. For some people, going on a getaway is a must to help them feel better, while others prefer to stay at home and make their living spaces as cozy and comfortable as possible to make them conducive to healing. To make your home a haven, you need to create an environment that will reduce stress, improve your overall wellbeing, and help you feel happier as you work towards inner peace. Here’s how you can create a home environment for healing. 

Choose the right colors for every room

Having a red or hot pink focal wall can be a dramatic way to change up your living room, but if you’re looking to gain some inner peace, you might want to put down the paint brush and reconsider your paint color choices. Design psychology experts say that certain colors can trigger negative emotions in people. For instance, red can increase heart rates and stress, while bright colors such as hot pink can lead to anxiety. To create a positive and joyful environment, pick the right paint colors for every room. For the living room, use white paint, and pair it with other neutrals such as beige or soft gray for a relaxing vibe. Meanwhile, your bedroom walls can be painted a pale pink or a faded periwinkle to help you de-stress. Be careful about using blue paint for the bedroom, since some people associate the color with sadness. Instead, try caramel or a soft lemon yellow for warmth and coziness.

Clear out clutter and clean your home

Removing unnecessary items from your home can reduce stress and get you in the right frame of mind to focus on your healing. Start by de-cluttering and donating items that you don’t need anymore, and throwing out things that are no longer useful. Next, deep clean your home to remove dust, grime and toxins. Once your home is clean, enhance the tranquil feel of your space by lighting a few scented candles, or diffuse essential oils such as peppermint and sweet orange, which can help to improve mood. 

Bring a touch of nature into your space

An environment that includes natural elements, such as live plants, can help you have a positive outlook on life, lift your spirits, and enable you to feel more active and vital. Display a few potted plants in your home, such as lavender, peace lily, English ivy, or Boston fern. Not only will these plants clear the air around you, but they’ll also help to clear your mind and make you feel happier.

Make your abode conducive to healing and wellness. Try these tips to create a relaxing and uplifting living space, and see how you can gain inner peace and happiness while you’re at home.

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