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  1. AvatarJOHN says:


  2. AvatarPamela Elaine Lockridge says:

    There are over 60 million adult survivors of child sexual abuse in America in need of healing and complete closure through therapy.

    FACT SHEET – Statistics of Child Sexual Abuse | National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

    I am one of the loudest advocates for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse through my book (I was a Whore at Four: the Redemptive story of a child sex slave—A Therapeutic Autobiography) message and it’s New Therapy for healing and complete closure to those adults who are still trying to heal and get complete closure.

    **Client companion workbook is on Amazon for mental health professionals to utilize the therapy with their clients. Narrative therapy is evidence-based.

    Grief Stages Plus Narrative Therapy by Pamela Elaine Lockridge, MSW, RSW, Author (2019)

    If you would like a sample copy of my book and workbook, please give me your mailing address through my Facebook messenger: My Facebook is

    Pamela Elaine Lockridge

    Have a blessed day!
    Pamela Elaine Lockridge, MSW, Author

    For more info contact:
    (318) 413-1874

    I am also seeking therapists who are specifically trained in Narrative Therapy from all 50 states.

    This therapy is very suited for group therapy which will reach so many at one time given the vast number of those in need of treatment for such early childhood trauma.

    If you are trained in Narrative Therapy and would like to be part of our Narrative Therapists Social Network to be referred in your area please please email your Resume or CV to to include your specific training and years when and where you provided Narrative Therapy to clients

  3. AvatarDewayne Johnson says:

    Hey im Homeless I ran away from home due to the fact of my uncle raped me and keeps doing it.. I need Help please help me.. I’m in Mississippi.. I need Help😭😭😭😔🙇.. I’m hungry Sleepy need Hygiene’s and a place to sleep im 30yrs old . please Guide me 🙌🙏

  4. Avatarnuha says:

    ##I was sexually abused by my paternal uncle, when i was only 4 years old 3/4 times. Again when i was about 10, the same incident happened every night with a person who did house-hold work in our house.(I don’t remember how many times). Actually my parents are govt. employees and used to be really busy. so I was left alone at home with my paternal uncle and he used that chance. I realized what happened with me was wrong, when our school teacher talked about it in the class (i was 11). I made up my mind and told my mom, but unexpectedly she just cursed him and my grandparents. And told me not to talk about it to anybody else. My heart was broken and i could not believe how unfair the world was! This whole incident made a distance between me and my parents(and even now i just can’t overcome it).

    Let me explain– That paternal uncle of mine lived in U.A.E. But still I had to meet him in the family occasions. That was unbelievably painful. Indicating the incident of past he used to tell me a lot of things ‘indirectly’.These mental abuses also left deep scars in me. I got sick of it and then threaten him that, I will tell everybody about what happened and when he will come back he will be spitted on the face. But actually it isn’t possible in my society. So after coming back from U.A.E. surprisingly he blamed my parents for all of it, saying that my parents let him change my pants and didn’t mind that. Then why to make fuss about a sexual harassment!

    When I told my parents about all these, just at that time my grandfather got really sick and after a year of suffering, he died(May he RIP). as such i didn’t want to create any more pressure on my parents so I just told them– ‘I have taken care of myself this long. I can do it in future too. So don’t worry about me. Nothing can change the past and so it’s better to let go.’ (But actually I, myself couldn’t let go and forget nor can I live with all of this!)

    I am generally quiet and an introvert, but out of blue, I start shouting at people without any reason, specially at my parents and my sister. This makes me hate myself. I cry all night and just can’t stop. I still have faith in my religion but I don’t feel like saying prayer at right time. I have lost interest in my hobbies.
    I just can’t concentrate in anything! There are gaps in my memory, I black out often, find it hard to keep train of my thoughts.
    May be my over-eating tendency is also related to all this! I get frequent flashbacks, have nightmares about getting raped, being married with someone I know! I keep thinking about sexual things quite frequently and just can’t stop. And that really sucks! I had a high moral, but getting addicted to sexual thoughts making me hate myself even more!

    ‘I don’t wanna live, but don’t wanna die’, can u help me to fix my problems with my parents and my family” please tell me how can I get over my past and live on. And I want to focus in my studies as quickly as possible, cause I have already wasted a lot of time. p.s. It’s not possible for me to go to a professional counselor.

  5. AvatarJJohnson says:

    So very sorry for all the pain on this page.
    Maybe the best thing any of us can do is be extra careful not to add to the nastiness in this world?
    What about these ten words:
    Be happy, and kind. Cherish our planet. Think for yourself.

  6. AvatarLady Susan Doris Moreland says:

    I had problems with my brother, in the family home in Sutton-on-sea, yrs ago, I have one brother and 2 sisters, I come from a problems family.
    My brother lead me up to taking a drug overdose when I was age 5. my brother knew my mothers hiding place where she kepted her tablets. I recovered from the drug overdose, my brother never got done for what he done on me. My parents did nothing about it, because it could rulen family life, my brother never apoloise to me. my brother kepted playing horrible tricks on me while i was growing up in Moreland Ave, Sutton-on-sea , lincs., family home .
    my brother who is older than me never invited me to his wedding to schoolteacher wife louise, of linby village. I never see his 4 children.
    The problems just carried on for years.
    My brothers best mate, broke my front tooth, he never got charged for it , where the police got involved. On top of all that, I had manuel problems with relationship problems , the problems where financial problems with relationship problems.

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