Do you run support groups?

HAVOCA is an online organisation. As such we do not run support groups, one to one services and we don’t offer a telephone service.

Was I abused as a child?

One of the biggest problems facing adults who were victims of child abuse is denial. As children we probably dealt with the abuse by dissociating ourselves from the situation, and therefore have been in denial ever since. So, how do you know if you were abused?

What is abuse?

If you are like most people you may think abuse is physical violence – having force used against you, having bones broken, being attacked, punched or kicked. This is true of course, but other types of abuse exist which are as bad as, and can be worse than, physical violence. … Continue reading

Who is an Adult Survivor of Child Abuse?

Any adult who was either physically, sexually, emotionally, psychologically abused as a child is a survivor of childhood abuse. The majority of statistics on this website refer to the abuse of children under the age of 18. Sadly child abuse occurs in all communities, ethnic backgrounds, religions, cultures, and social … Continue reading