Fear I shall not give in

Fear I shall not give in

by Amber DeAnn 

I’m not into fear
I’m not into the life that fear brings
I’m not into the common beliefs behind fear.
I choose not to breathe in the fear
to hear, or see, or succumb to the fear
FEAR is just a deceitful ploy to keep us safe, protected sheltered, isolated, and controlled by visions
of what could be a calamity.
Our need for safety produces the fear
causes the panic, creates the calamity & cycles around to drive the fear.
Fear, I hear your message, but I refuse to be subdued You remember the past and use it as a warning lite, You are the unenlightened one
You refuse to see the possibilities of a life of joy walking in the path of Spirit
I now declutter my mind from fear
From what could be — imagines future and what once was — enhanced past pain
Fear let me introduce you to my FUTURE SELF who says BULL to mass ideas of hysteria
I’ll be me— walking in the colors of curiosity, courage, exploration like Monet walking in nature
Like Lewis & Clark discovering a new land
like Carl Sandburg seeing life through the senses
Like Rumi moving into harmony with his Spirit
May I paint the people of the world as they could be with the clarity of Norman Rockwell.
May I write my heart feelings waiting to be birthed
May I think like Rudyard Kipling
and see the world through eyes of Strength
HE would say, “If I could see past the frenzy, I would see
my potential and I would shine bright like the sun.”
May I combine my latent desires with my heart’s intention and my Soul’s yearnings and become a WHOLE person again
May I be free
May you be free May we all be free
Thanks fear for setting us free.


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  1. Avatardiane s arp says:

    I love it. You guys did a great job formatting it for the page. thanks, Hope others like it. amber

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