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Lori Golden is passionate about helping both trauma and abuse survivors on their healing journey. Her work today is an outgrowth of her recovery from childhood incest and addictions. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she combines various therapies she has gained knowledge and experience in over the years in her practice. Lori does not limit herself to one modality of practice since her client’s needs vary. She believes there are many roads that lead to an individual’s healing. Her first book, My House of Lies (https://lorigoldenauthor.com/books/), is a memoir about her addiction, recovery and overcoming childhood incest after thirty-seven years of amnesia. More significantly, her book reveals a remarkable journey to seek the truth, reclaim parts of herself that was lost to dissociation and addiction, and turn her own trauma and abuse into a passion to help others face their challenges. Lori inspires and motivates others to seek their truth and heal in her consulting and presentations.

3 Responses to Feeling Shame When Receiving Special Attention

  1. AvatarIdiot says:

    I have had years of abuse – Including physical, emotional,verbal, sexual, and financial. It all started because I was a bed wetter and got beat – yes beat while wet because I wet the bed again. I was beaten with a belt mostly or by hand. Emotional/Verbal – I was told —If I had a brain, I would be dangerous, are you dumb, why are you so slow, and more.
    I was so truly afraid of my Mother as if I was in a concentration camp. She was jealous of me so she tore me down all the time. My Dad would ask – why am. always under my mother’s ass. He would yell and hit me with a belt. Teen years – I was sexually raped by males in family – my cousins at least 4 of them – so awful. In adulthood – boyfriends hit me and usedverbal, mind games, financial abuse. I was choked, drove down a dark road and left in freezing cold in ditch, I was prevented from going to work because I was netting and man. My Mother broke into my home while I was an adult and destroyed items inside. She made me fearful in my own home. I still loved my Mom after all the years of gut wrenching verbal negative attacks.
    I wish I had the guts to tell them off. I stayed silent and internalized.
    Now I suffer major depression anxiety and I bet PTSD. I am afraid all the time. Cry. I am almost 60. Still here. Idiot.

  2. AvatarEric Bonetti says:

    Please consider supporting my petition asking the Episcopal church to respond to the abuse my former rector directed at my mother, dying of COPD. http://chng.it/fKqkK625

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