Making Peace with Yourself

Making Peace with Yourself

Your healing journey doesn’t just finish once you have read the information contained in this website. It has only just begun. Some days you will feel like ignoring the problems and letting them get away from you, other days you will feel on top of the world.

make peace with yourself havoca

Healing from abuse isn’t going to happen over night, it is an on going process which will last all of your life. Staying ahead of any unhealthy patterns, focusing on your relationships, and remaining committed to yourself are all things you will have to continually do if you want to make peace with yourself.

HAVOCA is here to help you through these stages and provide support for anybody who is experiencing, has experienced or knows somebody who has been abused. A support network is only a forum post away!

Take advantage of our huge online community by joining our forums. You can actively contribute or simply read other people’s posts. The Forums just make you feel less alone.

We also welcome communication from people who feel they are or may become abusers we want to help those people break the chain.

HAVOCA is dedicated to educating the public about child abuse and will continue to run until child abuse has become a thing of the past. Together we can and will make a difference!!

We want to help you make peace with yourself!


3 Responses to Making Peace with Yourself

  1. Rachel Anderton says:

    How do you come to peace when you know that someone has not been held responsible for there actions while you have been abused.

  2. michelle says:

    thats the same question that lead me to finding this site today.

  3. Kevin Welch says:

    I was abused by relatives and the catholiccchurch people.

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