Flowing Through Emotion Pain & PTSD

Flowing Through Emotion Pain & PTSD

by Amber DeAnn

I disagree with common advice given to PTSD survivors to relive the scene. Some can’t do that. When you are in the midst of a traumatic attack, you can’t think through it or give yourself affirmations, or tell your body to calm down. Thinking will actually make the situation worse, because the brain can’t find an answer and will keep on spinning like a stuck computer trying to find a match — an answer for the question, “What is this all about?” Then the emotions go into guilt, shame, blame, and more energy gets stuck. Now this stuck energy lodges as pain in muscles.

PTSD is not a mental disorder, it not an illness that needs a drug either. It is just an over saturation of fight or flight energy, and the solution is to release this energy that affects the entire body, throwing the hormones off balance and the disrupting the entire nervous system, digestive system, endocrine system, .etc.

Here is a way to handle the emotion pain. Think of all your systems as separate entities with voices and needs.
Here is an example of a handle the pain situation. No thinking, just feeling. Ready, go. —-
The emotional pain was back. It was like a voice inside saying, “Did you hear me I can’t live like this anymore? Do something!!!” yearning for something to do to take away the pain. Time for the Sun Salutation yoga pose.
Feet together, hands in prayer pose, then arms straight up and bend back, back, fold over and touch floor by toes, right leg back, lunge, feet deeply connected to floor..

“Time for action, yeah,” yells emotions. “Finally, we are moving, moving into …”

Body moves as if preprogramed, holding the lunge, muscles stretching, aching, body moves on…
Emotions are silent, still.
Body moves again, going into plank, chest dips to floor.
Mind alert now, focused, ready. Emotions happy, Pain moving out. Yoga pose moves on…
Human speaking: “The parts all got to speak, act as they were meant to. Life for the human shifts.”
Yes, we the parts all interconnect to create the being called a human, and they should stay interconnected to assist the human in life. The face smiles. It knows.

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