Volunteer needed to review a book

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Volunteer needed to review a book

Post by Jamie »

Please PM me your email address and I will forward the proof for you.

The book is called 'Indescribable' and is 176 pages long.

The blurb: We are publishing Indescribable by Candice Derman in October.
>> Indescribable is the chilling story of the abuse South African
>> actress Candice Derman suffered at the hands of her stepfather, the
>> man she called 'Dad.'
>> Written in the voice of a child with childlike lists, Indescribable
>> gives important insight into the mind of a victim of sexual abuse.
>> Candice's bravery is astounding and as the book reaches the epilogue,
>> we realise that this is not a story of pain, but one of hope. She
>> reflects that 'time can be kind, ticking clocks move forward and I'm
>> the furthest from my childhood story, both physically and mentally.'
>> Indescribable is an extremely important memoir of sexual abuse
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