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Re: HAVOCA Online Shop

Post by Jamie »

Thank you for all the recommendations: As a result we have made some changes and added some more books.

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Re: HAVOCA Online Shop

Post by john100 »

It looks good and I'm not sure that it needs any more but if it does John Bradshaw, Home Coming and particularly Healing the Shame that Binds.
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Re: HAVOCA Online Shop

Post by actnormal »

I can read the text just fine, now.
Looking good
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Re: HAVOCA Online Shop

Post by ashridge_mack »

Hi Jamie

Sorry to be slow getting back.

Great about "The Body Keeps the Score". However I can't see any reasom why it would be in the Physical Abuse section but not Emotional, Psychological or Sexual Abuse. In fact in addition to its index's many listings under 'Childhood Trauma Survivors' in general, it has just as many under 'Childhood Trauma Survivors, of Emotional Abuse and Neglect' as well as under 'Childhood Trauma Survivors, of Sexual Abuse and Family Violence'. So I think it should definitely be included in the Emotional, Psychological and Sexual Abuse sections as well!

"Trauma and Recovery" is similarly a very broad treatment of what psychiatrists call PTSD and should definitely also be included in the general section. Being a slightly older book it doesn't overtly talk about psychological or emotional abuse as separate categories, so maybe could be left out of those sections, but refers throughout to sexual and physical child abuse, and so I think should definitely be added to the Sexual Abuse section (as it's in Physical Abuse already) as well.

I'm very conflicted about Peter Levine. I think he has a very valuable aspect to his work, but the two I've read ('Waking the Tiger' and 'Trauma and Memory', which I just finished) deal almost exclusively with one-off traumas, rather than the usually repetitive trauma of child abuse. So probably not that useful, after all. And 'Trauma and Memory' is in fact repellent in its facile (and dismissive) treatment of memories that have returned in other therapies. So I guess my opinion is it might be worth including 'Waking the Tiger' (his first book) in the general section, but that's maybe all.

I don't know about specific IFS books, but I think something should be considered. Does anyone know any good IFS books?

Hope this helps.

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