Poll - Is letting your child become obese, child abuse?

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Does letting your child become obese constitute child abuse?

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Re: Poll - Is letting your child become obese, child abuse?

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Basically what I'm trying to say, is that food could be used as a way for a parent to show their love for a child, I accept that perhaps this is wrong in the long-run but for some people it may be the only way they know how to express there love for that child! :oops: :oops: :oops:
So you've met my Nan then? :icescream: :icescream: :icescream: :icescream: LOL That has her to a 't'. (Or perhaps 'tea' in her case - she could take it intravenously.)

Actually Nan knew there was Bad Stuff going on in her daughter's and granchildren's house, and she lived right next door. She never asked too many questions and for reasons of her own (which were based around some appalling behaviour by the Red Tops, the Police and other institutions when her sister was murdered - the mess and shame was terrible) she chose to try and keep a lid on things and cover up for fear of a repeat. Stupid, but understandable. I don't think she ever understood the full depth of what went on, but she never asked too many questions, either. She is therefore vaguely culpable, which I find hard. But she is also one of the few folk in my family I trust and and am happy to be with - and that sounds like love to me. So I will forgive, if regretfully.

Hey on a different note - there's a whole new stat in here just to put the fleabags amongst the pigeons. There's a reasonable correlation between teeangers who were physically abused and obesity in the UK. (Can find the c2001 report if you're really interested.)

Watching a programme on female ex-veterans who've struggled with PTSD after Iran and Iraq, I was struck by how every one of them now appears to struggle with their identity and their weight. Every one had put on about 2st+ (15kg, 28lb) or so and cited issues around relationships and body image. Not a scientific study but it really struck me.
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Re: Poll - Is letting your child become obese, child abuse?

Post by long2bfree »

I'm a bit late to this post, but thank you to Mrs R for bringing it to the top again so I saw it. I was intrigued by the question and all of your takes on the issue. For me, I think especially when it comes to children, there needs to be a distinction drawn before we even call them obese. As all of you are aware, children come in many shapes and sizes and grow and develop at differing rates. The chubby kid at 13 doesn't need to be put on a diet (thank you mum :roll: ), they just haven't fully developed as yet. Now, there are some children and teens who qualify as morbidly obese. In these cases, I do believe intervention needs to occur - and that can happen in any number of ways (teaching the child/teen what is healthy/unhealthy, portion sizes, sending information home to parents, etc.). So I think a distinction between BMI obese and morbid obesity needs to be drawn (the average sized woman today is actually considered obese on the body mass index score, sad to say) before a determination of abuse could be decided. (There have actually been cases in the US where a 4 or 5 year old kid has the heart health of an 80 year old due to being so morbidly obese. The parent's reasoning? "Well, he wanted it so I let him have what he wants." :shock: Not the case in every situation, but there's one example.)

And, the unfortunate truth is, when you are living in poverty, buying the cheap, low nutritional value, crappy food does allow your money to go further (compare the price of chicken nuggets to chicken breasts...) which for many is all that matters with several mouths to feed.

Very interesting debate here. Take care all....



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An intelligent answer - no BS - which makes a plaseant change
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