Poll - Who was your abuser/s

This forum is open to members and guests and allows a straw poll to be taken across the broader sector of all survivors.

What was the relationship you had with your abuser/s (you can select more than one)

You may select up to 15 options

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Re: Poll - Who was your abuser/s

Post by ashridge_mack »

Hi Jamie

I'd be really interested in running this again if you can? It's 10 years old now, so maybe a good time for an update.

I would strongly back up the suggestion to also include step-family ie.


I think they will feature for a lot of people.

Anyway, hoping you might manage it! Thanks,

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Re: Poll - Who was your abuser/s

Post by actnormal »

Perhaps “online acquaintance” as well as those which ashridge_mack suggests?
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Re: Poll - Who was your abuser/s

Post by Jamie »

Good idea but unfortunately the forum software only allows 15 options in a poll.

Our slightly more scientific survey can be found here: https://www.havoca.org/havoca-survey/

It has a few more options.
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Re: Poll - Who was your abuser/s

Post by molliec »

Father, mom, adult family friends and strangers. I wasn't someone to them.
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