Poll - Who was the first person you told?

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Re: Poll - Who was the first person you told?

Post by Mumsis »

First person I told was my abuser. 20 years later.
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Re: Poll - Who was the first person you told?

Post by RED_1 »

i first told a neighbor when i was 14 yo. i made her promise not to tell anyone. she was the one who sent me to a youth psychologist. at about the same time i roughly told my former teacher at elementary school about the abuse. she was very understanding and talking to her really helped me a lot, although it was only about how i was currently doing. of course it never went into detail. but she knew about the psychologist and seemed really reassured and relieved that i was getting help and wasn't alone.... back to the neighbor: unfortunately, she left me hanging afterwards. at some point, she was apparently annoyed by my depressive phase and told me that i should finally get over it, that i hadn't really been raped, that he hadn't threatened me with a knife or anything. that was the point at which i completely withdrew into myself again and wished i had never opened my mouth. i broke off the therapy and buried everything. today i wish i had either not said anything at all or i would have told my teacher first.
I believe you.
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