Graphic Design Help Needed

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Graphic Design Help Needed

Post by Jamie »

I saw an advert for an online counselling organisation.

I would like to adapt the theme of the advert and generate a marketing campaign for the HAVOCA forums.

The picture id like adapting is this;
It needs changing to represent sadness and loneliness leaving the individual and transferring to the computer.

I guess a slight change in expression and the red colour changed to blue.

Anyone here think they have the skills needed? I'd be very grateful 🙏
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Re: Graphic Design Help Needed

Post by HealingHeart »

If I was in graphic design, I completely would.

I don’t have much creativity in my system, but felt compelled to share something that Havoca provides but isn’t captured here…

For the picture, the two left images resonate…but the first picture would be more sadness (for me) than anger. …you could say, despair. I like how this image shows how the increasing messages ease this person’s sentiment.
However, one essence that isn’t captured is going from feeling alone to feeling like I have this huge group of people for support and validation. …would be interesting if, somehow, those text images became a group of people behind the person at the desk or somehow showing support or connection.

For me, your organization is so much more than this clip. I carry the strength so many people have provided me from here. I can ask questions and gain clarity….from people who really get it. I am almost 50 YO and this is the first time in my life I have found that…

So, thank you 🙏🏻
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Re: Graphic Design Help Needed

Post by Stephen »

Like the idea Jamie, but art and design are not my strong point. And thankyou HH, that's a really nice description.

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Re: Graphic Design Help Needed

Post by ashridge_mack »

Hi Jamie

I've done a fair bit of graphic design but not illustration or graphic novels, and as HH and you have both observed the expression needs changing - and that kind of stuff's not my strong suit.

However, HH also raised the possibility of changing it more drastically. And I just thought I'd put in that I think that could be a better plan, or even better using the strongest parts of the underlying idea but drawing it fresh, if anyone here has the cartoon skills. Any of the rest I could sort out.

And the other reason it maybe shouldn't be just lightly tweaked is that of course someone will almost certainly have copyright in the original image(s). In theory it shouldn't be used without clearing that. Wondering if you've considered that angle? Of course, they're unlikely to ever spot it, but... potentially a bit embarrassing if we got unlucky...

Anyway, PM me if you want! I know a bit about copyright, in practice as well as the law.

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Re: Graphic Design Help Needed

Post by RyteWrite »

Another option you might consider is finding graphics online where you don't need to change them and they are free. There are several sites like that.

Personally I'd start from the beginning rather than trying to alter something else. And maybe using symbols or even emojis rather than pictures/cartoons. Just a thought. Like a big emoji for embarrassed changing over time to a bunch of emojis expressing several feelings. Just a thought.

I've done graphic design before, made signs for people, so I know marketing as well.

Cannot believe how many business questionnaires that excludes one from if you've done anything to do with marketing. :shock:
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