I dare you

I dare you
I dare you

Come in to my head; I dare you!
I’m ready for you though
I’m not that little girl I was,
all that time ago

You should be in prison,
for a very long time
There is no sentence long enough;
you completely crossed the line

I would not even cry,
if someone told me you were dead
I never will forgive myself,
for the things that were unsaid

The pain was unbearable,
you hurt me way too much
I truly suffered at the hands,
of your sick and twisted touch

You will get what’s coming,
but I’m not the judge or jury
I’ve let go of shame and guilt.
I have no wrath, or fury

No consequences yet for you;
you won’t always have this luck
I will shout it from the rooftops,
Because I no longer give a fuck!

I hope you look over your shoulder,
have real trouble sleeping
A little bit of what you deserve,
for all the time spent weeping

You don’t frighten me any more,
now I have the tools
Brick by heavy brick,
I’ve been breaking down those walls

My life sentence continues,
but It won’t last forever
I never will forgive you
no, not now, or ever

Come in to my head; I dare you!
I’m ready for you though
I’m not that little girl I was,
All that time ago.

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About Tanya Evans

I'm a self employed private tutor in Maths (and English) with learners ranging from 4 to 24 currently. I am a mother of three with a serious gym addiction and a massive need to write (since embarking on a healing journey).

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