Just simply a message

Just simply a message







Just simply a message

When you feel like it’s an effort to cope
When you’re standing at the top of that slippery slope
Struggling to comprehend the scale and the scope
Clutching at straws while clinging to hope 

Don’t be afraid of the clutter or the mess
When you can’t tolerate life and all of it’s stress
Choose to recover and commit to the process
Take the lid from the box that you could not suppress

It’s not a choice that you can continue to ignore
Tip the memories from the box out on to the floor
You may not understand the root or the core
But emotion does leak from your every pore

You may question everything to see if it’s real
Trust in the fact you don’t have to conceal
Take time to stop, breathe, listen and feel
Only then can you move forward to heal

On the days you can’t tell your left from your right
When the journey is long with no end in sight
Remember that life is not black and white
And make that a reason not to give up your fight

Cry if you have to, let down those walls
Get help if you need it, to give you the tools
Chaos may erupt but keep juggling those balls
But don’t beat yourself up if one of them falls

It’s OK to get lost, you will find your way
You choose the path or remain as a stray
Allow yourself to see the beauty of grey
When the time is right, you will know what to say

Trust in your friends, they care for you too
It’s hard on them, to see you so blue
It’s OK if you think that I don’t have a clue
This is just simply a message from my heart……to you.

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About Tanya Evans

I'm a self employed private tutor in Maths (and English) with learners ranging from 4 to 24 currently. I am a mother of three with a serious gym addiction and a massive need to write (since embarking on a healing journey).

4 Responses to Just simply a message

  1. AvatarRuby says:

    I understand exactly what your saying. I’ve went so long just surviving and trying to keep it together that I’ve lost myself and feel like a ticking bomb that’s about to explode. That scares me to death to let out all the pain and not being able to get it back together. I just started seeing a therapist again and she says I can’t skip the feeling the pain before letting it go. But what if I can’t come back from it all

  2. AvatarTanya Evans says:

    I’ve been there 100%. Letting out the pain is not easy, and an ongoing process, but only by doing this do you reclaim your life and start living again. I don’t think I have met anyone who disagrees with that. You can come back from it hun. You are stronger than you realise because you are still here.
    Are you a member of the forum? There is lots of amazing people there. We all support each other.
    Best wishes
    Tanya xx

  3. AvatarAngel Mills says:

    Truly amazing message! Thank you!

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