Amelia Rising Sexual Assault Centre of Nipissing

The Board Members, Volunteers and Staff Amelia Rising Sexual Assault Centre of Nipissing will work to empower and provide a voice for Women and the communities in which they live in order to:

  • Eliminate violence against women and children
  • Create social change regarding issues of equality and justice
  • Develop, apply and increase awareness of anti-oppressive approaches
  • Provide healing from sexual violence

Our Values

  • freedom of choice
  • appreciation of diversity
  • respect
  • tolerance (but zero tolerance for violence!)
  • warmth
  • accessibility


Our vision is a world where women and children of all walks of life live free of sexual violence and the threat of sexual violence.

Individual Counseling has been helpful in rebuilding shattered identities and is an opportunity for women to look deep inside for healing. Above the intense work that accompanies Individual Counseling, we also provide advocacy, practical assistance, information and referral tailored to the specific needs of the women we see. In the last year, we note a rise in the number of first nations’ women coming to our centre and continue to see an increase in the number of younger women (aged 16-25 years) who have needed our individual counseling services.

Beyond Trauma Group Counseling is vitally important to building trust, friends, and support through this difficult time. The Beyond Trauma Group offers a unique opportunity to learn from each other, to really put to the test strategies for healing and runs for 17-weeks. Two months following the end of group, we bring the participants back together to re-evaluate their progress, share tips and support each other, because healing from trauma is a long term commitment.

Survivor to Thriver Group is a new addition to the Amelia Rising counseling repertoire. Since healing from trauma is a long term process, some women wanted additional support beyond our traditional group and individual counseling services. We created this open group (meaning any woman who has embarked on their healing journey may join at any time) to share what has worked for them, and to get ideas and tips from other women who share similar experiences.

Amelia Rising – Sexual Assault Centre of Nipissing
101 Worthington St E., Suite 11 (lower level)
North Bay, Ontario, Canada, P1B 1G5

Office: 705-840-2403
Fax: 705.840.5050

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30a.m. to 12:00p.m. | 1:00p.m. to 4:30p.m.



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