Aurora Foundation for People Abused in Childhood

Aurora Foundation for People Abused in Childhood, based in Kingston Vale (South West London)

Description of agency: Specialist therapy service for men and women adult victims of childhood abuse within a peaceful, respectful and healing environment.

Address: Kingston Vale, London SW15 3RT
Office telephone: 020 8541 1951
Area covered: National

Services offered:

Aurora is a specialist therapy centre that provides formalised talking therapies (i.e. counselling and support groups) and complementary therapies (e.g. massage, reiki etc).  The talking therapies are geared to help clients to deal with specific problems but they are also delivered in an informal therapeutic environment that has a social focus where clients can interact with others in a peaceful setting.  The point of this approach is to create a homely atmosphere to help clients feel safe and nurtured.

Aurora also provides a range of complementary/ bodywork therapies for clients whose traumatic experiences in childhood means that they have a difficult relationship with their bodies.  Some clients have poor body image; some have problems with intimacy and touch, and some also have physical problems as a result of their abuse.  The bodywork therapies at Aurora are therefore geared to help clients to feel more comfortable in their own skin and to help them build a more positive relationship with their bodies.

Services for:

  • Adult survivors of childhood abuse
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Support, Information and Guidance for adult victims of child abuse and their support networks.

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