Dorset Action on Abuse

Our mission is to relieve the suffering and distress of men and women over the age of 16 who are survivors of child abuse (sexual, physical, emotional and neglect) in Dorset, including Bournemouth and Poole.

The experience of childhood abuse is recognised as having a significant traumatic impact on a person’s life. Some who were abused when they were young experience lasting distress and debilitating symptoms that endure into adulthood.

Depression, extreme anxiety and fear, inability to trust others, and chronic physical symptoms are but a few of the effects that can seriously limit childhood abuse survivors’ hopes for a happy, fulfilling life.

We seek to raise public awareness of the needs of the adult survivors of child abuse and promote a more understanding and supportive public attitude towards them.

DAA provides a variety of services:

  • Facilitated survivor support groups
  • Training events for professionals, volunteers and the public
  • Weekly, individual therapeutic counselling
  • Creative Therapy group courses

Contact Us

Seaforth House
176 Bournemouth Road
BH14 9HY

01202 732424



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