First Person Plural

First Person Plural, based in Wolverhampton (West Midlands)

Description of agency: First Person Plural is the only national survivor-led membership charity in the UK which exclusively works for and on behalf of survivors of childhood trauma, most often sexual violence/abuse, who are affected by dissociative identity disorder (DID) (sometimes called multiple personality disorder – MPD) or the similar childhood-trauma-related complex dissociative disorder known as type 1 dissociative disorder not otherwise specified (DDNOS)

Postal address: PO Box 2537, Wolverhampton, WV4 4ZL
Area covered: UK

Services offered:

  • Quarterly members’ newsletter;
  • Two members open meetings per year;
  • Information and support website;
  • Members only area on website including online mutual support forums
  • Training – bespoke and public access and other education activities delivered by experts-by-experience;
  • International award-winning introductory training DVD – Logical Way of Being;
  • Speakers & information displays for external events;
  • Information resources including “Understanding Dissociative Disorders” booklet written by FPP, published by Mind;
  • Respond to written information enquiries;
  • Respond or otherwise participate in relevant policy, treatment and service consultations; Link with and provide expert-by-experience input into the work of other organisations with related interest including involvement in the training faculty and research group  of the UK network of members of European Society for Trauma and Dissociation

Services for:

Adults affected by, working with or otherwise needing to understand about complex dissociative conditions, such as dissociative identity disorder (DID) and the related type 1 Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (DDNOS).  Conditions which affect survivors of severe and enduring trauma in childhood, including sexual violence/abuse.

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Support, Information and Guidance for adult victims of child abuse and their support networks.

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