Greatland Clinical Associates,

At Greatland Clinical Associates, LLC our goal is to provide exceptional, compassionate behavioral health care in an outpatient setting.

We provide an array of services including:

Psychiatric Assessment
Medication Management
Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy
Group Therapy
We see our selves as educators, supporters and partners with our clients as we engage in a collaborative therapeutic process. We strive to provide an environment in which respect, compassion, and individuality are valued. To this aim, we have assembled a team of therapists and staff who place client care first, who find joy in our profession, and have pride in our clinic and the care we provide.

Clinical Focus:

PTSD & Complex Trauma
Anxiety, Excessive Worry & Stress
Bipolar Processes
Anger Issues
Chronic Pain
Difficulties with Emotion Regulation – (experiencing too little or too much)
Concerns Affecting Employment

Trauma therapy groups for adult women survivors of early developmental/attachment trauma (childhood abuse.)

For more information or to schedule an appointment
please call 907-929-4009.

My Address: (see map under Location tab)

Greatland Clinical Associates
14oo W. Benson, Suite 315
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Office: (907) 929-4009
Fax: (907) 929-4902


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