HELP Support for Sexual Abuse Survivors

HELP, Support for Sexual Abuse Survivors supports thousands of people every year and strives to be a source of support and healing for those who need it most.

The Crisis Team is available anytime, day or night, for information, support, advocacy or referrals to other agencies.

Therapy Services
HELP, Support for Sexual Abuse Survivors believes that counselling and psychotherapy are an important aspect of a survivor’s recovery. We work with each client in an age-appropriate way to heal the trauma of sexual abuse and to develop the interpersonal skills and resources that are damaged and disrupted by sexual violence.

Adult Therapy

HELP’s Adult Therapy service is renowned for its work with adult survivors of recent sexual abuse as well as childhood sexual abuse.

Youth Therapy

HELP’s Youth Therapy service is tailored toward young women and the people they have significant relationships with (such family members and caregivers).

Child & Family Therapy

Our specialist child therapists help children to recover from sexual abuse and assist families to develop an emotionally safe environment to aid recovery and prevent future abuse.

We’re here to help you – and there’s a range of ways that you can easily get in touch with us.

We welcome all enquiries and feedback, and all communications will be treated with professionalism.

Call us: (09) 623 1700 (24 hour confidential phone line)

Email us:

Fax us: (09) 623 1296

Post us: PO Box 10345, Dominion Road, Auckland 1446

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