Into the Light

Into The Light is a London based not for profit project – this means any profits are re-invested in the project to create a better service for our users. Into The Light is also a Registered Community Interest Company (Company No. 8738759). Into The Light was founded in 1993 and established to provide a place of understanding and support to those who had experienced child sexual abuse.

Into The Light main aims are to:
• Provide counselling support, advice, information and resources to women and men who have been sexually abused as children.

• Offer support and counselling and training to those who are involved with and support people who have experienced sexual abuse e.g. partners, counsellors, carers.

• Advance public awareness of child sexual abuse through seminars, training and writing for magazines and publications.

Into The Light’s guiding philosophy is that change and healing come through:
• Giving Information
• Breaking Isolation
• Sharing Experience

The aims of all the Into The Light programmes are to:
• Remove blocks in life
• Reclaim damaged parts of personality
• Put the past in perspective
• Develop better relationships
• Be closer to others (and for some people – God as you understand Him)


Into The Light, PO Box 64427 London W5 9HA

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