Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project (KASP)

Aim: KASP endeavours to enable adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse to eliminate the debilitating effects that the abuse has on their lives.

The feelings and effects of childhood sexual abuse may be quite overwhelming and difficult to deal with. Sharing in a safe, understanding and confidential environment may help you better experience and manage your feelings by being heard and taken seriously.

The counselling and support that we offer is about making sense of the present, in relation to the past. Some survivors of childhood sexual abuse may be plagued by memories in the form of distressing flashbacks, body memories, mental images or nightmares. Being heard and supported may often help ease the pain and reduce the power and impact of these memories.

Childhood sexual abuse may have been perpetrated by a member of the family, a family friend, another trusted adult, a stranger or a group of adults. It may have happened once, or over a period of time. Sexual abuse can mean a wide range of experiences – the most important thing is for the survivor to identify the experience as sexually abusive.

Many adults and young adolescents, who were sexually abused as children and did not tell anyone at the time, believe it is too late to talk about it now. It is never too late. Trust your instinct and seek help when the time is right for you. Healing from the effects of childhood sexual abuse is not something you have to do alone and we invite you to browse our website for additional information on the type of support and services that we offer.

Counselling and support – to anyone over the age of sixteen who has been sexually abused as a child, to partners, family members or anyone supporting someone who has been abused. The counselling that we provide is open ended and our counsellors mainly work from a person centred or psychodynamic perspective.

Electronic Support – via text, email and electronic counselling support.

Advocacy – support with accessing legal advice, benefits etc.

Group activities – therapeutic and social support groups are provided according to need.

Library – a wide range of books and publications are available for loan.


182A Esplanade

Tel: 01592 644217.


Opening Times

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and some evenings.  We have our own counselling rooms in Kirkcaldy and Cupar, and access to venues at various outreach locations across Fife.


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