North Island Survivors’ Healing Society

North Island Survivors’ Healing Society has been in operation in Campbell River since 1993. The Centre offers individual counselling and facilitated group support for adults affected by trauma and abuse.

Trauma and abuse can alter your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being for months, even years after it occurs. Counselling may help you to understand the impact of your experience and offer ways to move forward with your life.

For an appointment, call:

We Offer:


  • Individual counselling for adults who have experienced trauma and/or abuse recently or in childhood.
  • An addictions integrated counselling program for women who were sexually abused as children.
  • A resource library for clients that includes current publications on healing from trauma and abuse
  • Facilitated groups and workshops.

Phone: 250.287.3325

Fax: 250.287.3397


Office: North Island Survivor’s Healing Society
625 D 11th Avenue, Campbell River, BC, V9W 4G5
For 24 hour urgent support please contact:

· RCMP: 250.286.6221
· Crisis Line 1.888.494.3888
· Hospital: 250.850.2141
· Transition House 250.286.3666

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