Open Secret

Open Secret is a Scottish charity established in 1994 to work with survivors of childhood abuse. In 2008 we changed our constitution to work with all types of abuse. We have office bases in Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire but are a Scotland wide charity.

We offer:

  • A free confidential service to survivors of childhood abuse
  • Support to partners and friends
  • Support to other workers and organisations working with abuse issues
  • Support for non abusing parents of children who have been abused.

We offer a holistic service including individual support, family support, groupwork, befriending services, complementary therapies, advocacy support and work closely with other agencies to ensure survivors can access various streams of support needed at that time.

Open Secret can be contacted Monday to Thursday 9 – 5 and Fridays 9 – 3

Contact us on 01324 630100 or email

Open Secret

98 Thornhill Road


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