PARCS Portsmouth Area Rape Counselling Service

Portsmouth Area Rape Counselling Service (Hampshire)

Description of agency:

Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service (PARCS) is a registered company (number 3643599) limited by guarantee and also a registered as a charity with the UK charity commission (number 1079950). It has a board of trustees/directors which is responsible for its overall governance within the context of its governing deed, its Memorandum and Articles of Association. Day to day PARCS is managed by a full-time Centre Director who is assisted by a small team of staff and some 50 volunteers.

PARCS was set up in 1981 by a group of women in response to a number of rapes in the city. They were concerned that there were no services available to assist either in the statutory or non-statutory sectors. Since that time PARCS has grown to become an effective charity working with survivors of rape and childhood sexual abuse. Over the years there has been an increasing emphasis on working with women, men and young people who have suffered sexual abuse in their childhood alongside delivering a preventative programme aimed at preventing abuse and lessening the impact of abuse where it has already occurred.

Address: PO Box 3, Portsmouth, PO2 8RX
Office telephone: 023 9266 9513
Helpline: 023 9266 9511 (Womens), 023 9266 9616 (Mens) Mondays 1pm-3pm, Wednesdays and Fridays 7pm-10pm
Area covered: Portsmouth, Havant, Gosport and Fareham

Services offered:

Helpline: The PARCS helpline provides emotional support for survivors of sexual violation (aged 18+), their families and carers.  It also sign-posts callers to other services where appropriate.  The helpline is open three times a week and clients are able to access counselling via the helpline. (Monday 1-3pm / Wednesday 7pm – 10pm / Friday 7pm – 10pm)

Specialist Psychotherapy and Counselling: PARCS provides a free counselling and psychotherapy service to both women and men (aged 13+) who have experienced sexual abuse/violation whether as children, adults or both.  PARCS offers both short and long term therapy.

Group support: PARCS is currently developing groups for survivors including mindfulness, pre-therapy stabilization, support and therapy groups.

Short term counselling for parents/carers: This service is provided to the parents/carers of young people who are accessing the service.

Specialist counselling for Young People (13-24 years): PARCS delivers specialist counselling to young people who have experienced sexual abuse/sexual exploitation.

Outreach: The charity has developed an educational and outreach programme which is delivered into the community of Portsmouth aimed at preventing abuse by raising awareness and developing ‘community’ responsibility through a number of creative approaches. The project also delivers the CEOP Ambassador training and is developing its targeted approach working with young people who are particularly vulnerable to sexual violation.

Domestic abuse counselling: PARCS provides counselling to survivors of domestic abuse aged 18+.

Young Persons’ Targeted Outreach (Portsmouth): PARCS provides specialist support to young people who are at greater risk of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.  This targeted work includes young people with learning disabilities, young people who have been excluded from school, looked after children, young people with physical disabilities and young people who identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or trans-gendered.

Services for:

Women and men aged 13+ resident in Portsmouth or South East Hampshire who have experienced any kind of sexual violation or domestic abuse.

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