Rape Crisis Centre Glasgow

The Rape Crisis Centre Glasgow is a support service for women and girls aged 13 and over who have been raped, sexually assaulted or sexually abused at some point in their lifetime.

Throughout the lifetime of Rape Crisis we have had one fundamental aim – to provide a free and confidential support service to women and girls who have experienced rape, sexual assault, or sexual abuse. Studies have shown that one in two young women will experience some kind of unwanted sexual contact before they reach the age of eighteen. This can range from flashing to rape and all of these experiences can have a lasting effect on the woman.

Our services

Our services include telephone support, face-to-face support, letter and email support, group work and instant messaging support. We also have specialist services for young women and BME women for support and advocacy and we have a support and advocacy service for women who want our help to report rape to the police. Additionally we can support a woman from the point of reporting any sexual offence to police and we can be there throughout the process and attend court with her. We have also developed a range of information booklets and leaflets covering issues such as Child Sexual Abuse, Self-harm, and Stalking.

All of our publications are free to women survivors of sexual violence, their partners, family members or friends.

If you want information about our services please call the helpline on 08088 00 00 14.

Alternatively you can email info@rapecrisiscentre-glasgow.co.uk . If you wish to access support via email, please see our email support section.

Workers can call our office line on 0141 552 3201.

You can find us at

Rape Crisis Centre
5th Floor
30 Bell Street
G1 1LG

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