Service Assisting Male Survivors of Sexual Assault

Service Assisting Male Survivors of Sexual Assault





To provide support to men recovering from sexual assault and child sexual abuse, to educate and inform the community about male sexual assault issues, and to assist men to eradicate sexual violence perpetrated against men, women and children


  • Face to face counselling
  • telephone counselling
  • internet counselling
  • education
  • resource
  • outreach and support of other services

Address and Contact Details:

PO Box 3805
Weston Creek ACT 2611

Phone : (02) 6287 3935 (Mon-Fri 9-5pm)
Phone : (02) 6247 2525 (CCRC 24hr crisis line)
Website :
Email :

Operating Hours:

Deaf and Hearing Impaired services Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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Support, Information and Guidance for adult victims of child abuse and their support networks.

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