Sexual Assault Crisis Centre

The Sexual Assault Crisis Centre is a free and confidential service.

Our counsellors are educated and trained to work together with you. We have made a commitment to the community to help survivors of sexual violence. We help women, men and children.

Who Can We Help?

If you are a child, adolescent or an adult, including males, and have been sexually violated whether recently or in the past, WE CAN HELP.

How Can We Help?

Counselling is a conversation with a trained Social Worker, where you work together to deal with the effects of the trauma. You know best how the trauma has affected you, and the Social Worker knows what can help. Choosing to talk to a counsellor works when you feel that you need help. Counselling can help you:

  • Understand the trauma has impacted you
  • Understand your reactions and emotions
  • Recognize your strengths, self worth and value

The Counselors at SACC are all registered Social Workers who are trained especially to help survivors of sexual violence. Their experience and knowledge give them the tools to help. SACC is an open and friendly place where you can discuss your situation and your needs.

Crisis Intervention

Our service provides a twenty-four hour crisis line to survivors of sexual victimization. This service provides emotional support, problem solving strategies, information, and referrals when necessary. We provide information to those who are assisting survivors of sexual violence such as friends, family members, and other community organizations.


Counselling is available to female and male survivors of sexual victimization (sexual assault, sexual abuse and incest) of any age, who reside in the Windsor-Essex County area.  Services to children who are victimized are co-ordinated with the Children’s Aid Society.  Counselling support is also available for non-offending significant others.  Satellites offices are available.

How do I know if I should speak to a Counsellor?

I have recently been sexually assaulted
I was sexually assaulted in the past and currently it is interfering with my life
I feel bad or depressed for more than five or six weeks
I feel numb or empty or find myself keeping busy all the time in order to avoid the unpleasant thoughts and feelings
I have no friends or family with whom I can share
I use ways to cope that hurt me instead of help me

24 Hour Crisis Line 519-253-9667

Sexual Assault Crisis Centre of Essex County

1770 Langlois Ave

Windsor, ON N8X 4M5


519-253-0175 (fax)

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