Shepherd’s Counselling Services

About Shepherd’s Services

Thousands of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse live in the Greater Seattle area. Too few are able to take advantage of the support and guidance of skilled and experienced therapists, who can help survivors regain hope and find their way to healing.


Our services include:

Individual and group therapy for survivors
Support group for partners of survivors
Couples counseling
Family counseling

Find Help
We honor and regard the decision to seek help as an act of profound courage.

Shepherd’s Counseling Services offers a safe place for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse to explore buried feelings that may have been unsafe to talk about as children.

When these hidden feelings rise to the surface, as they often do in adulthood, they can disrupt emotional and physical well-being with surprising force. Survivors often ask, “Can this get better?” The answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Our Services
Individual and group therapy for survivors
Support group for partners of survivors
Couples counseling
Family counseling
Shepherd’s offers affordable therapy services for women and men survivors. These include group and individual counseling with therapists experienced in treating survivors of childhood sexual abuse. All of our groups emphasize trust and authenticity, and aim to help individuals regain a sense of validation and acceptance and to gain skills to live more satisfying lives.

Get Started
To schedule your free initial appointment or to dicuss options for services, email Brook, our Clinical Coordinator, at or call (206) 323-7131.

Talk to us. Shepherd’s wants to reduce any obstacles to your desire to heal. Shepherd’s will bill private insurance and is an in-network provider for several major carriers. Shepherd’s also provides financial assistance, including a sliding fee scale and scholarships, to clients with the greatest financial need.

How It Works
Therapy begins with connection. For those who have experienced the pain, confusion and overwhelming effects of sexual abuse, the connection with an individual therapist or other group members initiates a journey to reclaim the sense of trust and safety lost through abuse.

Shepherd’s Counseling Services is located on north side of Capitol Hill in Seattle, at the corner of Roanoke Ave. and Broadway E.

Our address:
2601 Broadway E.
Seattle, WA 98102-3906

Phone: (206) 323-7131



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