Southmead Project

Southmead Project is a registered charity providing free therapeutic and practical support to adults who were abused as children and have turned to drugs, alcohol and other ways of self-harming as a consequence of that trauma.

Based in North Bristol the charity provides one-one counselling as well as group programmes for survivors of child abuse and trauma, is active in research; runs very successful group programmes for parents, carers and concerned others of those affected by addiction, and delivers training programmes in abuse, addiction and disclosure across the UK.

Specialist abuse counselling

The abuse counselling service is available to those aged 16 years and over and offers a safe space and environment where professional counsellors will listen and explore ways of helping people to reclaim lives affected by trauma and abuse. Following initial assessment, counselling is offered based on need and is a very effective way of aiding recovery from trauma brought on by child abuse. People can access the charity at its headquarters as well as at local GP surgeries and other agencies across the city of Bristol. “The little things really matter in this work – you can’t cut corners as people who share stories of their lives with us will pick up on this. All staff have relevant skills, knowledge and experience and uses these skills together with great care and compassion”. Senior counselling team.

One-to-One Counselling

The specialist abuse counselling offers space to people aged 16 years and over who have experienced trauma – physical, emotional and sexual – and may have responded to such trauma by misusing drugs and/or alcohol (or other ways of self-harming) to manage strong feelings associated with the trauma. The counselling space can be accessed from six weeks up to one year where appropriate.

The Prep Group

This six-week group is for people on our waiting list for counselling who are experiencing strong feelings in response to trauma. We work specifically with these emotions, not the individual story of the person. This is done through offering tools such as mindfulness, grounding, working through flashbacks, communication skills and so on. The group are encouraged to identify their versions of the above that are workable for them.

The Year-Long Group

This group is for people who have already accessed and engaged in work to address their trauma. It is an invitation to consolidate what has been learned and to carry this forward in useful and meaningful ways. Creative ways of working such as the use of body, art, drama and narrative therapies are offered. This becomes a space in which it is conducive for people to continue reclaiming their lives from trauma.

Southmead Project

The Southmead Project
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