Survivors UK

We offer both individual counselling and group therapy from our base in Shadwell, London E1.


SurvivorsUK helps men who have been sexually abused and raises awareness of their needs
Note: Sexual violation includes both childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault/rape

What work does SurvivorsUK do?

We provide a national helpline and both individual counselling and group therapy from our base in Shadwell, London, E1. The counselling and groups are for adult men (18 and over) who have experienced sexual abuse at any time in their lives and we also offer workshops for carers/partners/supporters of male survivors. We provide training to professionals and organisations working with adult male survivors.

How is it different from other providers?

SurvivorsUK is the only male centric service (offering therapeutic services primarily to men as the focus of the organisation) in London. There are two other organisations that we know of offering support to men as a section of their service. All other independent sexual violence services in London are women only.

What geographical area does SurvivorsUK cover?

Web chat users come from across the country. Although we are a London based service, our clients come from across Greater London, Surrey, Essex and sometimes further afield. As long as you’re able to get to us we can support you.


Unit 1 Queen Anne Terrace
Sovereign Court
The Highway
London E1W 3HH
Office Hours

Monday – Friday
09:30 – 17:00
Helpline Web Chat

Monday – Friday
10:30 – 21:00
Saturday – Sunday
10:00 – 18:00

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