The Counselling and Family Centre

The Counselling and Family Centre is a charity that as been at the heart of the community for over 40 years. We are there for ‘Whatever Life Throws at You’. From the age of 5 up through the teens and into adulthood and on through maturity we will be there for you whatever the problem.

We have over 30 male and female counsellors across a range of ages and life experiences. This means we can help you whatever the problem, whatever your gender, ethnicity, sexuality or age (above 5 years).

We offer our confidential service from our Centre in Altrincham: 40, Mayors Road, Altrincham. WA15 9RP, and from the Community Centre on the Broomwood Estate: Mainwood Road, Timperley. WA15 7JU

For both locations, please contact us on 0161 941 7754, or email :

Our service to you begins with an assessment session which gives you the opportunity to decide if counselling is for you. We can then match you up with a suitable counsellor should you choose to go ahead. There is no minimum or maximum number of weekly counselling sessions you have to come to – everyone’s needs are different, and we will support you for as long as necessary to see you through a crisis or bring about the change you have decided you want to make.

Our ‘Reach Out’ team is available for people not able leave home and sends one of our counsellors to you.

The majority of our counsellors are fully trained, and many have additional qualifications in their chosen areas of speciality. A few of our counsellors are students working towards the completion of their training. You will always be matched to the most suitable counsellor for you


The Counselling and Family Centre
40 Mayors Road
WA15 9RP

Monday to Thursday 9.00 am to 9.00 pm
Friday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

0161 941 7754


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