The Laurel Centre

The Laurel Centre

Who is eligible for this service?

Any woman who is experiencing the traumatic effects of childhood sexual abuse.

Effects of unresolved trauma

The Centre recognizes compulsive coping behaviours, including addictions as being some of the long-term consequences of unresolved trauma.

Many adult women have mixed feelings about talking to anyone about their childhood – because it hurts too much. Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuses often experience difficulties in later life, including: depression, anxiety, drug and / or alcohol problems, gambling, feelings of worthlessness, loneliness, isolation of being ‘different’, ‘bad’ or ‘evil’.

Nightmares and flashbacks may be experienced. Problems related to anger and sexuality are common, as are negative feelings about men and women.

Victims of childhood sexual abuse may find it difficult to trust others. When the abuse occurred within the family as it often does, or when the abuser was a trusted friend or baby-sitter, extreme shame is felt and the victim may feel responsible for the abuse.

Individual Adult Counselling: The Laurel Centre provides individual counselling to women in the areas of sexual abuse and compulsive coping behaviours

Group Counselling: The Laurel Centre offers a variety of groups during the year to women and youth who meet the mandate of the agency.

Couples Counselling: provides the clients of our agency and their partners who face difficulties with relationships, the opportunity to do couple work in the areas of trust, intimacy, sexuality, and communication.

Youth Counselling Program: provides individual and group counselling to young women aged 16-24 years to help these young women recognize the issue of their victimization and to develop healthy coping mechanisms earlier on, thus leading to healthier choices for themselves.


The Laurel Centre
104 Roslyn Road
Winnipeg, MB R3L 0G6
Phone: 204.783.5460
Fax: 204.774.2912

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