Sexual Abuse Centre Thunder Bay

The Sexual Abuse Centre Thunder Bay (formerly the Thunder Bay Sexual Assault/Sexual Abuse Counselling and Crisis Centre) specializes in providing help, support, counselling and information for women and men 14-years of age and older who have experienced sexual assault, sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment at any time in their lives.

These services are free and confidential.

We feel it is important for you to know:

You are not responsible for someone else’s abusive actions.
What happened to you is not okay.
Feelings of embarrassment, guilt, fear, anger, self-blame, numbness, and mistrust are all normal reactions. We are here to help.
It’s important to seek medical attention if you need it.
Collection of forensic evidence (a “rape kit”) can be frozen to give you more time to decide what to do. Find out more.
You do not have to involve the police.
You have choices, and the right to make those choices yourself.
You have the right to get the help and support you need.
You are not alone.

The Sexual Abuse Centre Thunder Bay specializes in providing help, support, counselling, and information for women and men who have difficulties overcoming the traumatic effects of:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sexual harassment
  • Cyber Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
The most important service we provide is one-on-one counselling to our clients. These sessions are customized to your needs so that you get the support, help, and information to help you cope with the trauma, make decisions about legal action, make a recovery plan, and start the healing process. You can ask for help anytime you need it from immediately after an assault (including harassment) to long after.
Group counselling including support groups is available for adults 14 years and up. These sessions do not replace one-on-one counselling – they are another way to support those who have experienced sexual abuse or assault. It’s an opportunity to share experiences in an informal setting to better understand your own experience, and to realize you are not alone. Participation is entirely voluntary, and those who attend sessions are not expected to speak until they are ready.

385 Mooney St
Thunder Bay, ONP7B 5L5


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