Waldegrove Psychological Services

At Waldegrove Psychological Services, we want to provide atmosphere for our clients that is warm, familial, encouraging, while also being challenging. Our priority is to empower our clients to find their best-selves and life-balance. We encourage collaboration with other practitioners and are constantly challenging ourselves to find new research and evidence-based treatment options to support our clients.

Transitions are any points of passage or change in our lives. They can have a positive or negative impact on our lives. Waldegrove Psychological Services specializes in helping clients to move forward through these transitional points in a supported, positive, and therapeutic way. Our team, based in downtown Halifax, NS, strives to help our clients reduce stress, increase productivity, and improve their emotional well-being through better life balance through a variety of  psychotherapy approaches, assessments, and yoga therapy.

Psychological Counselling Services for Adults (15 years+):
Abuse or Trauma
Adjustment Difficulties
Caregiver Stress
Career Counselling
Chronic Pain
Depression and Anxiety
Emotional Regulation/ Anger Management
Grief and Loss
Parenting/”Empty Nest”
Relationship Issues
Work related problems/Burnout

Suite #401 Sovereign Place
5121 Sackville Street
Halifax, NS
B3J 1K1

Email Address
Phone: (902) 406-9404
Fax: (902) 406-9466

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