Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service

Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service (WCTS) provides a low-cost accessible counselling and psychotherapy service for Leeds women. Learn about our services here.

Oxford Chambers
Oxford Place

Tel: 0113 245 5725
Fax: 0113 242 9148
Email: info@womenstherapyleeds.org.uk

Office hours:

Monday: 9am – 6pm
Tuesday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday: 9am – 5pm
Thursday: 9am – 6.30pm
Fridays: closed

Therapy is offered during these times, plus some early evening appointments.

Our services

At WCTS we offer individual therapy, group therapy and art therapy to women on a low-income who are living in Leeds.

All our clients have an initial assessment. The assessment is a key discussion that a client will have with an experienced therapist to work out together whether therapy will be an appropriate and helpful step.
If therapy is appropriate the different types of therapy will be discussed and the client will be offered an appointment or go on the waiting list.

WCTS works with women on a low-income and live in a Leeds postcode.

Low-income: If per week your net household income (i.e. after tax deduction), is at or under the figure below, you are eligible to use our service.

Single person: £280
Living with partner: £420
Living with partner and one child: £559
Living with partner and two children: £645
Living with partner and three children: £727
Lone parent with one child: £420
Lone parent with two children: £503
Lone parent with three children: £587

If you don’t know which category you fall under, please feel free to contact us to check your eligibility.

Counselling at WCTS is charged on a donation basis starting at around £2 / session. Regular affordable contributions for therapy will be discussed at the assessment meeting .

If you live in a Leeds postcode, are on a low-income and would like to refer yourself to our service, please fill out our online referral form. Please note that we only accept self-referrals and professional referrals.

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