Wright Path Counselling Services

Wrightpath is a private counselling serviced owned and operated by Derek Wright, a registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers. Wrightpath offers counselling assistance for numerous concerns including but not limited to: • depression • axniety • addictions • financial pressures • suicidal thoughts or attempts • anger management • phobias • parenting issues • relationship/family concerns • child/youth behaviour concerns • sexual and phyisical abuse • domestic abuse • trauma • eating disorders • low self-esteem • grief/loss If something is troubling you or a loved one, private counseling may be beneficial in helping you to gain support, address the issues, and to learn how to cope more effectively. If you just need someone to talk to, who understands and who will not judge you, then call today for an appointment – we can help you to get back on the wright path!

Dealing with Trauma/PSTD You may have been traumatized if you: Experienced, witnessed or were confronted with an event or events that involved actual or threatened death or serious injury, or a threat to the physical safety of self or others and you: • Have intrusive memories, dreams, or nightmares • Experience flashbacks (visual or thoughts) of your experience • Feel upset by things that remind you of the event • Avoid having thoughts and feelings related to your experience • Forget some or all of the details of the event • Have lost interest in your daily activities • Feel detached • Have difficulty experiencing emotions or feelings • Feel like you have no future • Have difficulty sleeping or feel restless • Feel increased irritability and/or anger • Have difficulty concentrating • Feel on guard for danger • Feel jumpy or find that you are easily startled Note: You do not have to experience all of the above symptoms to be considered traumatized by an experience. Some of the situations which typically lead people to be traumatized may include: • Motor vehicle accidents • Surviving an assault • Surviving abuse (including physical, sexual, or emotional abuse) • Sudden loss • Severe injury Counselling can help you overcome your symptoms of trauma and return to normal functioning by helping you to: • Gain control over your unpleasant memories and/or flashbacks • Understand that your symptoms are a normal reaction to an abnormal experience • Feel safe enough to talk about your traumatic experience and the feelings related to it • Feel in control of your feelings again • Reconnect and trust people after you have been hurt • Regain a feeling of safety in your life • Learn new techniques to gain mastery over your symptoms

Wright Path is located in the heart of Whitby, on the south side of Consumers Drive just west of Hopkins Street. Parking is readily available and free of charge. To discuss booking an initial assessment, please call: (289) 893-0811 Or email: counselling@wrightpath.ca Note: If you do not reach a counsellor directly, please feel free to leave a message on the confidential voice mail. A counsellor will return your call within 24 hrs. Our Address: Wright Path Counselling Services 105 Consumers Drive, Unit 2 Whitby, Ontario L1N 5Z5

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