How is HAVOCA funded?

HAVOCA is a self funded organisation which means we survive from donations either privately made by individuals or public donations from organisations and/or groups.

What we need money for:-

  • Maintain this website with its breadth of helpful information and links to many other sites (which are constantly changing)
  • Add new articles and current information, and maintain our new pages
  • Provide links to discussion forums, online peer support groups, and chat forums, serving as a “lifeline” of support to many survivors and their families
  • Provide support via email to survivors/victims and their support networks
  • Assist survivors and their families with helpful contacts and information
  • Aid professionals and victim advocates through fostering an environment where they can confer with one another, and aggressively work to grow this online community
  • Provide resources for professionals, churches, and other institutions
  • Help increase the visibility of other survivor groups to assist them in their efforts to help survivors and/or professionals
  • Educate the general public about child abuse, and be an advocate for social change in addressing these issues
  • Provide information services to the media
  • Legislative child abuse work
  • Coordinate volunteer efforts
  • Monitor relevant news stories and send them out as Media Updates to subscribers
  • Publish our quarterly eNewsletter
  • Organize conferences/retreats
  • Web hosting / Email hosting costs
  • Technical and administrative support
  • Publications, printing, and postage
  • Utilities
  • Supplies

To donate or learn more please follow this link

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Support, Information and Guidance for adult victims of child abuse and their support networks.

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